Enchanted Fairy dust Necklace

Enchanted Fairy dust Necklace

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Artisan hand made Stone Mala Beads & White Pompom.

Artisan's handmade  Coral Stone Mala Beads with White PomPom, a bit of magic and some moon juice to spellbind each stone...

This particular piece is crafted with Coral stones which have been called the ‘garden of the sea’. It was believed to prevent ill fortune and offer protection from skin disease.  Ancient civilizations believed that Red Coral helps develop visions. Coral is a good aid for meditation or visualization, as it symbolizes life and blood-force energy.... So, feel very aware and intuned when wearing it...



Malas Lenght: 18.5"

PomPom Lenght: 4"

Total Lenght: 22.5"

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