The Grounding Tree Necklace

The Grounding Tree Necklace

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Artisan's handmade Tree Agate Stone Mala Beads with White Pompom, a bit of magic and some moon juice to spellbind each stone...

This particular piece is known to give its owner  the power of grounding so its carrier can tune into the knowledge of the earth and their own inner intuition feel very connected to the energy of mother earth when wearing it...!


Put Down Spiritual Roots
Establish strong spiritual roots with Tree Agate, and wavering emotions will never be enough to tear you down. Those looking for stability and nurturing protection will find solace in the gentle, but sturdy security of tree agate. Tune into the energy of Earth’s ancient trees with this crystal for perseverance, and you’ll learn how to weather any storm. Not only rich in inner peace, the abundance that this crystal attracts will also bring new opportunities your way.


Malas Lenght: 18.5"

PomPom Lenght: 4"

Total Lenght: 22.5"

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